Fuel Their Desire

Learn how to invoke passion and desire in your customers.

When you see a beautiful woman introduced in a movie you always get a part of them shown to you first, not all of them, just a part. It could be the legs, or the smile, the flowing hair. The point is, anticipation creates desire, Parallax creates anticipation. As the rest of the page moves quickly, the model on the front of the page moves slowly; it’s like your website is playing hard to get.

Here is a great example of a website that nailed the “anticipation creates desire” idea:

When utilizing parallax in your website, the key is to focus on the experience of viewing the product instead of the actual product itself. Think about why cereal commercials are 20% more effective when they include a dog in the commercial. The experience of learning about that product is far more exciting for viewers then the product itself. Apple is just a boring computer, but Steve Jobs made the experience of learning about one and buying it an art form.

Invoke action

If you want your product to sell, you too need to make it inspire desire in your target audience.
So what makes a website inspire desire?


Beautiful people

Close ups

Slowly reveling products

- Tesla's Model 3 Unveiling Video:

Distortion of nature

All of the above seem pretty straight forward besides the distortion of nature. This just means showing images that are different than what we normally see in our day to day lives. This includes black and white pictures, pictures that have multiple pictures incorporated into them at different opacity levels, and pictures of people in bizar positions (like the one above).
Finesseatelier.com has a couple of pictures that distort nature like the image of a woman covered in neon colors.

When it comes down to it, who is going to use your product? A person is. So who should showcasing your product? An extremely desirable person. Desire fuels action. In this case, the action of purchasing your product.

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